Mountain Apple Sauerkraut
Mountain Apple Sauerkraut
Mountain Apple Sauerkraut
Mountain Apple Sauerkraut
Mountain Apple Sauerkraut
Mountain Apple Sauerkraut

Mountain Apple Sauerkraut

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Our Bold Twist On The Classic — Welcome to TANG TOWN! 

Knock their socks off with this one — with its striking bright magenta colour, and unique harmony of tangy & sourfull flavour dimensions — this vibrant, living breathing kraut will be the life of the party!

We start with the best local organic heirloom cabbage, and high quality Himalayan pink salt, and add our secret ingredient; the most exceptional mountain grown heirloom dessert apples. We add salt, and create the ideal conditions, sit back, and behold the transformative magic of fermentation.

This local organic sauerkraut is naturally full of probiotics & prebiotic fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Our special blend of sub-alpine orchard grown rare variety heirloom apples are from a 150+ year spray-free organic orchard / ranch, hidden away up in a unique valley micro-climate at 1700ft the backcountry of Lillooet District in St'át'imc Territory.

 Organic Biodynamic Green & Red Cabbage (Nutrient Dense Farms), Organic Heirloom Apples (Roaring Creek Orchard), and Himalayan Pink Salt.

This probiotic-rich, naturally fermented sauerkraut is inspired by these supernatural apples and the snowy mountain-tops hanging above the orchard, the mineral rich waters which spring-up to feed them, the centuries of organic-matter and animal manure that have built up this soil teaming with life, the forest and all of the life which support the unique biodiverse ecology of life of this place, which translates into the unique terroir of this valley.

HINT: Make a big potato platter and dump your jar on-top, enjoy ;)
Try this kraut on everything, from your eggs with toast in the morning, potatoes, soups, salads, tacos, rice-bowls, sandwiches/wraps, sausages, and more. 


All of our sauerkraut this year will be made with organic heirloom cabbage, grown up the Sea-to-Sky corridor, in the lush Squamish Valley, and fertile Pemberton Meadows.

We are making small batch, naturally fermented sauerkraut using traditional methods. For this season, we will be fermenting with varieties of heirloom cabbage which have been propagated and grown over hundreds of years, for the sole purpose of making sauerkraut. Small-batch releases of biodiverse varieties will progress successionally as we move through the harvest season.

Our early season cabbage is grown with intention by the good people at Nutrient Dense Farm, in the lush upper Squamish Valley—a non-certified organic farm who believe in using regenerative growing methods, biodynamic techniques, and are passionate about nurturing a healthy living soil in order to allow nutrients to cycle through the soil, into the plants, and ultimately into US ALL.

As the season progresses, we will be sourcing our cabbage from our friends at Ice Cap Organic Farm, in Pemberton Meadows, a certified organic family farm who are passionate about growing great food and doing it in harmony with the natural world around us.