Rosehip Sour Beets
Rosehip Sour Beets
Rosehip Sour Beets

Rosehip Sour Beets

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We start with the sweetest red beets we can find, in the hight of season, and add nutritive and deeply nourishing Canadian rose hips, allowed to naturally ferment, over time these will mature and bring out simple yet complex sours in the highest-quality salt.

This probiotic-rich ferment with a norther take on a traditional Eastern European fermented beet. Add these any dish for a sweet &n sour tangy crunch—try it on your avocado toast, poke, or in your own home-made borscht.

We use only the sweetest carrots from Forstbauer Family Farm in Chilliwack, BC. Our garlic and peppers are legendary from an off grid farm high-up the hills of Lillooet Country. We carefully source our Ginger and Turmeric fair-trade and organic. A beautiful harmony when brought together in the perfect conditions and allowed to naturally ferment in high-quality Himalayan pink salt