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A (Neo) Classic Sauerkraut for the People—The Revival Starts Here!

This fresh young tangy local organic sauerkraut is absolutly bursting—full of life-force energy, sour flavour and probiotics!

Simple yet sophisticated, our classic sauerkraut is for everyone—toddlers, kraut newbies, traditionalists, grandmas and grandpas alike—we all unanimously approve!

Literally, we start with the best local organic cabbage, and simply add salt—we create the ideal conditions, sit back, and behold the transformative magic fermentation.

 Organic Biodynamic Green Cabbage (Nutrient Dense Farms), Himalayan Pink Salt.

This probiotic-rich, naturally fermented sauerkraut is inspired by the Eastern European tradition. Try this kraut on everything, from your eggs with toast in the morning, to pizza, potatoes, soups, salads, tacos, rice-bowls, sandwiches, sausages, and more. 


All of our sauerkraut this year will be made with certified organic heirloom cabbage, grown just up the Sea-to-Sky corridor, in the Squamish Valley and in Pemberton Meadows.

We are making small batch, naturally fermented sauerkraut using traditional methods. For the 2019 season, we will be fermenting with varieties of heirloom cabbage which have been propagated and grown over hundreds of years, for the sole purpose of making sauerkraut. Small-batch releases of biodiverse varieties will progress successionally as we move through the harvest season.

Our early season cabbage is grown with intention by the good people at Nutrient Dense Farm, in the lush upper Squamish Valley—a certified organic farm who believe in using regenerative growing methods, biodynamic techniques, and are passionate about nurturing a healthy living soil in order to allow nutrients to cycle through the soil, into the plants, and ultimately into ourselves.

As the season progresses, we will be sourcing our cabbage from our friends at Ice Cap Organic Farm, in Pemberton Meadows, a certified organic family farm who are passionate about growing great food and doing it in harmony with the natural world around us.