Mountain Apple Sauerkraut

Mountain Apple Sauerkraut

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Our unique take on a classic—this is the one that has the superfans waiting all year for the apple harvest.

Red and green cabbage, and the highest quality salt, plus rare heirloom dessert apples.

This probiotic-rich kraut provides a bold sour punch, with the perfect balance of subtle sweetness. Its beautiful bright magenta hue is unmistakable, and will add that pop of colour and sour to any meal. We love it on eggs, potatoes, soups, salads, and rice-bowls, etc.

For this kraut, we source our cabbage certified Organic, non-certified Biodynamic, from Nutrient Dense Farms in the beautiful lush upper Squamish Valley, BC. We pick these rare heirloom apples ourselves, from a mountian oasis non-certified Organic orchard hidden way-up in the mountains of Lillooet District, BC (150+ year spray free). We naturally ferment in high-quality Himalayan pink salt.